Executive Coach and Diversity Consultant. Claire Singers

“I thoroughly enjoyed all of my coaching sessions with Claire. I felt like Claire pushed me in each session to think outside the box, and my usual comfort level, using a level of questioning which was appropriate for how I was feeling in each one. I have come away from the coaching with a lot more clarity around my objectives and what I need to do to work on them. Thank you for a great experience.” Rachel, Record Label

“I've gained so much insight from our sessions and I really feel like I'm 'awake' for the first time in quite a few years! I didn't even know that I wasn't, other than having a feeling of being on a rather unsettling merry go round and not knowing how to step off or stop it.” Ellen, Publishing

“I found it really useful to talk to a third party and articulate a POV, I wasn’t sure what I’d get out of the meeting but feels like my mind is certainly made up and I need to now act upon this”. Tim, Record Label

“Claire's coaching sessions really helped me to find my inner confidence again. Thank you.You used a variety of techniques to find what worked for me, but also challenged and pushed me so that I could take accountability for what happens in my own career.” Laura, Advertising

"Thank you Claire. You have been amazing. And I couldn’t have done it all without your support and guidance." Iona, director, advertising.

"The session created lots of opportunities to build trust within the team. I think Claire creates magic in the room, bonding, understanding a shared experience."